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Dental Emergency

Recognizing the signs of a dental emergency in Vaughan is crucial for prompt and effective care. Various situations may arise, and having a proper action plan in place is essential for handling them with confidence. Here are some common symptoms indicating a dental emergency:

  1. Any pain that wakes you up at night: Sudden and severe dental pain disrupting your sleep is a sign that immediate attention is required.
  2. A gum infection: Swelling, redness, and tenderness in the gums could indicate an infection that needs urgent dental care.
  3. Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or sweets: Increased sensitivity that causes discomfort while consuming hot or cold substances may be a sign of an underlying dental issue.
  4. Pain from biting pressure: If you experience pain when biting down, it could signify a problem with a tooth or dental restoration that requires immediate evaluation.
  5. Severe throbbing tooth pain: Intense and persistent throbbing pain in a tooth could indicate an issue that needs urgent attention from a dental professional.
  6. Tissue swelling of the face: Swelling of facial tissues, especially around the mouth, may suggest an infection or other serious dental problem.
  7. Bleeding from the mouth: Uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth requires immediate dental intervention to identify and address the cause.
  8. A loss of filling or crown: Losing a filling or crown exposes the tooth to potential damage and infection, necessitating prompt dental care.
  9. A loss of a tooth, a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth: Trauma resulting in the loss or damage of a tooth, or any structural issues with teeth, demands immediate attention to prevent further complications.
  10. An abscessed tooth: The presence of a dental abscess, often characterized by swelling, pain, and pus formation, requires urgent dental care to prevent the infection from spreading.

ToothacheThere are many different types of toothache pain, from sudden and sharp to more of throbbing sensation. The cause can be anything from decay to a crack or infection. For temporary relief, try holding a warm cloth against your cheek, or a cool compress if your cheek is swollen. However, the only way to truly get rid of the pain is to call us and schedule an appointment. We will quickly address the issue and relieve your pain.
Chipped Or Broken Tooth– If you notice a break in your tooth or feel a jagged edge with your tongue, immediately stop using that side of your mouth to chew. If there is a tooth fragment, save it in a small bag with milk or contact solution. Brush the broken area clean to prevent further food or plaque debris damage.

Lost Filling – When a filling is lost, it could result in excellent nerve sensitivity, sharp edges that could cut your tongue, and a nasty food trap. Safeguard your tooth by putting a bit of orthodontic wax or sugarless chewing gum in the filling’s place to protect the area for a short period. Call us, your dentist in Toronto, as soon as possible, so we can fit you in for a repair and get you smiling again!

Badly Bitten Lip Or Tongue – If bleeding, use a clean cloth or gauze and press down on the cut. If the lip is swollen, use an ice pack to help reduce the swelling. If the bleeding does not stop, you should be seen by an ER doctor who will assess if you require stitches or not.

Don’t hesitate – Call Crystalline Dental immediately if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.

Dental Emergency
Dental Emergencies

Our Dental Emergency Services Include:

  • Toothache Relief
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth Repair
  • Lost Filling Replacement
  • Management of Bitten Lip or Tongue

At Crystalline Dental, your emergency is our priority. Contact us promptly, and our expert team will provide the care you need to restore your oral health and bring back your confident smile.

Don’t let a dental emergency linger – Call Crystalline Dental now for immediate assistance.

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